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Hi, nice to "see" you again and thank you for restarting the Margarete study group. This remains my favorite deck, partly because of the stunning depth of the artwork but equally because of her amazing insights. I never would have found them if Firemaiden hadn't done all that translation.

One reason I particularly like Margarete's take on the Six of Swords is that she incorporates the ideas of cooperation from the numerological system. The six, Tifaret or Beauty, is supposed to indicate cooperation and a state of heavenly harmony. Paula Gibby in her Blue Rose tarot also explored this connection. In contrast to the RWS Six of Swords, Gibby looks to the Thoth Science interpretation and combines it with the Kabbalah numerology. She depicts a team of surgeons working to improve (or save) the life of their patient. They succeed by being cooperative, by setting aside their egos in order to contribute to a team effort. The six is not the end of a journey, the ego is not happy to stay subordinated to the team forever, and when it returns to thoughts of its own dominance or non-connectedness, the six ends and we move to the seven. But that moment, that precious and delicate moment when all six feather tips touch each other at once, allows marvelous things to happen.
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