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I am particularly struck by the way the pool of water expands past the interior frame into the wood. Reading together what you and Hedera wrote, I wonder if it suggests that to the extent we make grief personal, it stays contained and tight and angry and unresolved within our limited ego/self. To the extent we can dissolve our ego, let the grief wash out into the greater world, share it with the universe, we perhaps find peace.

Interesting that for Hedera, the golden section implies a greater ocean, something in which the individual pain is dissolved, but for you it suggests wood and a rigid structure. I see the wood grain, but I'm fond of the idea of an embracing ocean surrounding our personal ego pool. Choices, choices.

I wonder if the colors have symbolic meaning. Margarete so rarely uses a combination of all the primaries like that, so bold. Usually her palette has colors that are close to one another, like a symphony of golds and oranges, or a wash of blue and white. Red, gold, blue, it's somehow less harmonious. Does it suggest grief to you? Or maybe the blue is grief, the red is anger? I'm not up on color symbolism, just going by feel here.
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