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What first struck me with this card is that she is not in the traditional RWS or GD sequence. She comes after the Empress and Emperor cards. There aer no numbers at all for the major arcana. I'd very much hesitate to do any sort of reading based on numbers with this deck. The placement of the HP after the Emperor probably wasn't considered when we started our studies, but I think it's important to note. And it is a logical placement based on myths. Demeter must of necessity come before her daughter. I think we are forced to the conclusion that you can't use this deck in the same way as RWS or GD. The Mythic seems to have a more internal/intuitive approach.

When looking at the staircase in back of the HP, I am reminded of a meditation technique used for getting in touch with deeper levels of our self. You visualilze yourself walking down a staircase to a place of stillnes and new awareness. It's quite an effective technique. In the card the HP stands at the bottom of this staircase with her fruit and flowers. So when we descend her staircase we can find the wisdom promised by these items.

To me the HP is a gatekeeper, as shown by the two columns.

I don't find Persephone's concern with her flowers as evidence of her naivte, although that is a perfectly reasonable interpretation. For me, it speaks to a shift in priorities when entering her domain. She may be saying that there are new rules to follow when dealing with the issues of the underworld.
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