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One thing that stands out to me is that there are many hills in the background. These can represent many fields and that the empress cares for many people and has lots of love to give. She has obviously been there and planted the vegitation there as the hills are very green and well taken care off. The empress is now walking in a not so green field. Its brown the colour of dead vegitation.

Maby the field needs help and she is here to tender to it and prepare to make it green. As it is wheat in the field it is not green on purpose. As we all need to go our seperate was to learn whats right from wrong.

As for the mother she doesn't smother this field. She simply havest the wheat and puts it to use. Just because we haven't done the green thing doesn't mean we can't use what we have grown.

I look at this as someone making mistakes and the empress simply teaches them to learn from there mistakes. She teachs to take what you have and use it. Like one takes care of there body and uses it even if there born deformed. Beanth all the brown you can see roses. The empress simply clears the way for the roses to grow.

I hope i haven't jumped in to late for the mythic study group i only got my book recently
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