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I have read this in interest. To start with I was rather confused about all this braiding and forking business. I have heaps of forks/braids and in some areas look like isles. These had pretty much started at the beginning, near the pinkie finger. I would tend to agree with the crises, because that is when mine had started in relation to emotions. I would definitely say that I am very guarded, which can be indicated by the fact that I think that there is a reasonable distance from the Heart line and the fingers, the whole distance. I would say if anything, I blow hot and cold, if that makes any sense. I hate to think that I would actually desire to have the upperhand with anyone in terms of relationships, as I am not that sort of person, I hope. Matter - of - fact I get very upset and feel sick in the stomach if I hear that anyone was doing that to anyone else, and even me, although I may not see it as such, as compared to if I was on the outside!

Guarded - most definitely!

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