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Oh, THANK YOU all for your responses!!!!
I guess I really needed to "share" (sometimes my Scorpionic hidden nature keeps me away from the most obvious at hand..)

I painted my little balcony table a nice red yesterday, went to a picnic in teh park and watched 2 movies on my couch, so today I'm up before the light is even out... I guess the energy has been stirred after all!

i think that one of the great/challenging things about this book for me is, that...i'm the publisher... meaning, there is none to tell me what to do (which is a minus at the moment), on the other hand I can experiment, with what I think should be in the book, and not just make it a "regular" companion book. Who knows when this opportunity will come next...

i should really forcus on these positive sides of it... (and I just pulled the 3 of Rods as my daily card, so... I'm off to work!!!

Thanks again for being such a supportive "family"!
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