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Cool Rune Study Group: Ehwaz

"ay-wawz" ( Horse, two horses) This Rune appears like the capital letter M.

Team (war horses) and the bond that exists in a proper team. Harmony, mutual trust, understanding the give and take and the unique differences (created) are necessary for a good team. Loyalty.

This is the Rune of the fetch or fylgia, that serves a person between the worlds, that acts in tandem with humans.

Ehwaz indicates harmonious actions and dualities (as equals) between humans, human and horse, human and gods, friendships and marriage. May indicate telepathic and empathic links.

Moving in the correct direction. There is no uncertainty in the meanings of the runes that surround it.

As a merkstave, we would see disharmony, betrayal, and mistrust.

As a person, Ehwaz designates a spouse or partner in an endeavor.
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