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Hi Moonlight

I like your interpretation of this card - not dodgy at all.
My thoughts are similar to yours (apart from the flying pig LOL), he does seem to be someone leaping/flying towards the future, all guns a-blazing.

The little boy is flying on a Ram which is indicative of the sign of Aries which ties in with this card being a WAND - Aries is a fire sign.

For some reason I always see the sun as setting in this card and the boy holds a burning wand to light his way...Dark times are ahead but he hold his own light (and the future in his own hands) and is therefore filled with confidence.

The actual burning wand he holds is a huge flame isn't it! I would be pretty careful holding such a flame in my head especially when flying around the could set fire to my hair...but this boy has no such fear of getting burnt.

I see the boy (and the Ram) looking ahead and being very focussed on where they are going. He is not looking back, nor sideways. He is intent on what he sees ahead, the future. He is also flying or leaping about the place so I dont see as particularly grounded just following his aim/dream with a passion.

Just my two cents worth

x FF
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