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I see her opening the box and just in awe at the star that is arising. I see an angel within the star which to me always symbolises the guardians that watch over us. There is a rainbow as well which to me means brighter times ahead...It is a lovely image the angel within this star. Then you have the reflection of the star in the pond beside pandora's feet. In the reflection you see merely the star and that is all. no rainbow, no angel and to me this represents that we may see the brighter times but we often dont see the spirituality behind events..the lessons, the angels, the guidance and the brighter future that awaits us.

then on the other side:

I always wonder about the other flying creatures that have been released at the same time. At the bottom of the
?swarm? where it is thickest as it leaves the box, it looks to me like a swarm of locusts or some such devastating and not so nice flying pests..then at the top of the swarm you can see dragonflies, bees, even a spider..Whats with that? Is by opening the box she is releasing negative things around her or are they symbolic of the negative things always there....To me this is strange as the Star is such a positive card and then you have the icky insects! of life there as well...Any ideas?

Maybe symbolic that all creatures are equal?
or that with good comes bad?

I dont know??
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