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Hmm, synchronicity.
Yep, its me again!
I started this group, but then went quiet. Can't promise any more than that, because sometimes Tarot interests me and sometimes...well, I have other interests as well.

Then...what's this? - I post an image of the Star at another forum (non Tarot), and then come here and find its just been posted and discussed here.

Its a nice card, light in the darkness, although like you say there's some negative stuff there too: creepy crawly nasties, and such. I guess its just a simple meaning, that theres no such thing as just light, or just dark, but always a bit of both. The pretty damsel is also gazing directly at the angel, not noticing the flurry of nasties. The angel is in the distance, whereas the nasties are close up, suggesting you need to look ahead into the future, not in the immediate present.

Sheesh, does that sum up the meaning of my 'synchronicity'? Not really. Its just a nice card to gaze at, meditate on if you will; making you feel better.
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