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welcome ShekinahMoon, i figure you'r a girl; that will make things interesting, 2 girl and a guy on this study group :-)

Marie Laveau is a verry yin figures, she know how to keep secrets...
did you know that there was 2 Marie Laveau, the mother for near 80 years and after here daughter took her place for many more years, it's why many people think she had lives 200 yers or so ;-)

My card of the day is Legba La Flambeau, the 6 of Petro/Fire
A new initiated Elders (was thinking i was an old initiated lol) who play with his own creation, have fire in his hands, he don't bother with the result of his creation cause he is full in present times...
the primary attributes of his legba are success, victory, and ongoingness (would be great to allways quote the primary attributes of each cards right ?)

a verry powerfull figures that is empowering me, i feel full of energy !!!

btw take a look at my voodoo altar

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