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I like Marie Laveau. She is one of the ascended masters I honor (as well as Dr. John.) I have read much about her and I admire how she helped so many people in her life. Not just with her Voodoo but also with her good will. She is who I feel a priestess should be. Powerful yet helpful to those in need.

I like this card. It seems as if she is inviting you to learn your own fate. The darkness behind the cowrie shell curtain says to me that you can only know your fate once you make the decision to go inside which I equate to making the decision to learn your fate. Her standing outside says to me that she will help you but you must first make the decision. She can do nothing until you decide.

Papa Legba is one of the four deities I honor. I honor him because he represents my Hoodoo ancestors. I like Legba. I smile every time I think about him. I'm not home right now so I don't have my deck with me to look at this card. And I can't remember what this card even looks like

I managed to get a late start on my day and didn't have time to pull a card. So I'll use the card I pulled yesterday. I pulled the Devil card. For me that card symbolizes chaos energy. Powerful energy that has not been checked. The falling black roster always sticks out in my mind. The card reminds me to check my energy throughout the day.

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