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I feel confused
so can we continue to post here as we was doing before the intervention of sulis or not ?

anyway my card of the day is Oshun (7 of santeria/Earth)
what is funny is that i'v dream about Erzulie this night and when i woke up and took the card of the day i took Oshun which is verry near of Erzulie (everybody follow me right LOL)
i even had dream a second times about erzulie on my little nap this afternoon...
Erzulie seems to be a verry big Loa, she integrate many apect of the Goddess of love, what's is weird is that in my first dream she was a "prostitute" that was teasing men all around but Oshun is a more Earthy aspect of her with art and dance, verry weird association!!!!

Have fun
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