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Maybe a portable shrine/alter thread?

The ideas here are wonderful.

I'm looking into Feng Shui and a little into ancestral paths this fall, but in the meantime, I've a feel-good kit.

My personal ideas for this were very eclectic--five colors for five elemental directions, minatures that reminded me of my grandmother's shisa or Fu-dogs near the entrance, a changeable cloth and my paternal family's name stamp.
I have a clear quartz that came with a lovely tarot that is good for me otherwise clarifying my intentions.

In advance, I'm letting you know these are modern bits and pieces. The reason that I use "five-color and directions" right now is a personal preference-related to learning Feng Shui. A thread or the cloth colors can represent the directions and colors, if I have time to set things up. There's no reason or logical rationale. Usually the cloth I use is a cotton remainder of Japanese origin, part of what my parents or grandparents gave me.

The only constants are in these small bits: the two shisa; stamp; quartz or some pretty stone; very small container to hold those bits.

I can change the threads and cloth and perhaps an image that strikes my fancy or a tarot card-- daily or weekly, depending on my ideas

The shisa are somewhat logical from a personal origin--they are symbols of protection from my maternal grandmother's ideas. The name stamp from paternal origins-- so I always know where it is! I only added the quartz this weekend to have a fifth item for five things and I like the clear quartz. Sometimes I have another stone.

Best wishes,

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