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Smile I'm late! I'm late!

..for a very important date. So says the White rabbit that leads Alice down into the earth... The coin is reminiscent of the old I-ching coins, but also reminds me of the fruit that's fallen from the tree (like manna from heaven. A sign that money in fact does grow on trees. It is the fruit of our labour as well as reward for craft. A windfall that suggests in turn that the great beginnings are also often little beginnings too. Like-wise the wood of a staff is the latent energy for fire. (which I suspect is the cycothalmic nature of things, behind the 'is it fire or wand concerns' with the RW.

I know I'm jumping the gun a little, because this is my introduction to Robert Place's deck, and I'm new round these parts, but I'll take my place and watch avidly for alchemical lessons and tarot ones through this study group.
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