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Originally Posted by brenmck
I didn’t expect to be pondering this card for three days, but there’s a depth to this suit that I haven’t experienced before. Coins, Pentacles, so often described briskly as the suit of money and occupation is broadened by this deck into the scope of Creation, the Earth, and our vital relationship with it. This suit speaks to our center of gravity. No matter how far into the cloud of unknowing our seeking takes us, the Earth element always requires our return. The hero’s journey is not complete until it is brought back to earth. “Feet on the ground, down to earth, earthy beauty, earthy humor, Mahler’s ‘Song of The Earth,’ ‘Earth, Wind, and Fire.’” The Coin of the Ace, rather than presented as in traditional decks as a gift from above, now sits on a homely mound beneath a tree as part of the underlying great gift of the Earth.
Wow about a tough act to follow.....such an interesting and thoughtful post. I like what you said about the way Place has expanded the idea of Pentacles/Coins being solely concerned with wealth and material gain. Here is a quote from the book (Guiley/Place):

You are at the beginning of well-being, which could pertain to physical health, material comfort, or receiving or giving nurturing. You are on the right path to acquisitions, wealth and success in the material world.

Do not forget, however, that every manifestation in the material world emanates from the spirit.

It is the last line in that passage that really stood out for me, a gentle reminder also that the pentacle itself embodies all five elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit.

That is all I've got for now, but will think some more about the hare/rabbit symbolism....and looking forward to more discussion here.

Oh yes, almost forgot: does anyone have any ideas/thoughts about the flowers shown in the background??? The book does not mention them by name. The large, tall ones might be lillies and there is a single drop of red there, like a rosebud or maybe a strawberry(?). Again, I don't know if these are significant or not; in some decks, such as the Ukiyoe, the flowers are used specifically to illustrate the card's meaning.

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