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The larger flowers are irisis, which are a type of lily or very close relatives. They are named for "Iris of the Rainbow", the Greek Goddess. I believe that the red one is a rosebud - red roses are symbolic of mortality. I think that the yellow one is a type of lily - although it may just be a narcissus, symbolic of the Underworld.

Yes, rabbits & hares burrow in the Earth. It's where they give birth, & also where they lie dormant in the winter months. I think there is a lesson in that, too - that which appears dead in winter comes to life in summer, cyclically. This is a living summer scene.

The "coin" also has not a 5-pointed figure, but rather a 4-pointed one, a diamond shape, which indicates the 4 elements, but also is divided into 8th's, a great deal like the Wheel of the Year with its solar & mid-solar holidays.

There are 3 different types of flowers - I wonder if that gives any significance to the number 3 in this card, as well as 1 & 4.

The rabbit & the large "coin" are standing on a sandy mound, with the vegetation growing behind, & up to the verge of this sandy area, but the greenery is very sparse in the foreground. Sometimes the Earth element can seem very barren, & as though the life of it has abandoned us; we must push ourselves past that horizon to find verdant life again.
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