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Hi all,

I just received this deck from a fellow ATF member as a birthday present, though I've had the workbook for now I feel as though the missing piece of the puzzle has been put in place.

Mind you, I've only really just thumbed through the cards quickly. Anyhow, this thread caught my eye so I thought I'd join in. Please keep in mind that I've not read any text that accompanies this card, either from the LWB or the workbook.

What makes everybody think that it's a bad thing to release the insects? Every "thing" in the Universe has a purpose and every "thing" has the same right to exist.

This woman was setting free these lovely insects so that they could go and fulfill their destiny. She has performed a wonderful act of kindness and in return, she has been visited by an Angel (that's assuming the Angel appeared after the box was opened, and not before).

She seems very comfortable with her nakedness which brings her close to nature, and I feel she is happy to have released the insects.

with love
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