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Logiatrix and Her Angel Deck...

What Doreen Virtue deck(s) do you favor?
I favor the Healing With The Angels Oracle.
That's the only one I have.

How did you acquire your deck(s)?
My mom gifted me with a Spanish version of the deck five years ago.
Then, I wanted to double it for more interesting readings, so I purchased another one for myself (this time in English). An unidentified friend gifted me with an Archangel Michael card, also around that same time (I still don't know who that was).
A few years ago, I picked up an orphaned angel deck in a bargain bin; I used some of the cards in a counseling class as gifts. I still had all my favorite cards, 19 of them, so I added them to my "double deck" of angels.
I now use a deck of 108 cards...

How do you use your cards?
I do readings for anyone and everyone with my angel deck.

What is your most favorite card out of all the decks?
It changes for me at times, but one that I continually find to be beautiful and soothing is Harmony. The Archangel Michael is also a perennial favorite.

What is your least favorable/understood card?
Hmmm...I'll have to think about that one.
To be continued...

What else is important to you regarding discussion of these decks?
I'm really looking forward to the various deck comparisons we're sure to come up kind of fun, LOL!

Thanks for reading my answers!
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