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Cool :-)))

What Doreen Virtue deck(s) do you favor?
Healing with the Angels.
Saints and Angels.

How did you acquire your deck(s)?
I bought them from a book shop. Got the decks with great difficulty.. Actually it is a miracle....

How do you use your cards?
I combine both the decks and use a few spreads. Both these decks compliment each other really well. Sometimes i remove 3 cards and do a general advice reading for my sister and myself.

What is your most favorite card out of all the decks?
All the cards are beautiful. i love the "Nature" card and the "Divine Guidance" card in Healing with the Angels deck.

What is your least favorable/understood card?
hmmmmm... None...I love all of them...

What else is important to you regarding discussion of these decks?
I would love to learn new spreads and would love to know other people's views on the cards.
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