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Arrow Spirit Guide Group: Dreams, Volume Three

A recent reclassification decision by the moderating team has enabled the Spirit Guide Group to disperse some of its efforts from Spirituality into the public forums. While initially there may be some confusion among our previous contributors, I believe this offers an excellent opportunity to include a wider circle of members in a most exciting journey!

This is the third thread specifically for those who have experienced what may be contact with a guide while dreaming. In my personal interpretation a spirit guide is any beneficial spiritual entity which has, or appears to have, an individual consciousness. Thus what I might call an Inner Beloved or other inner guide, another person might call a spirit guide, and yet another might call a manifestation of the divine. While divination may in fact occur during a dream encounter with a guide - or during a guided dream - our primary intent is not divinatory. Our purpose has been to make contact with our guide(s) and to nurture these spiritual relationships.

All members are welcome to join in at any time - and this restructuring has provided a great opportunity for non-subscribers to do so. As we attempt to initiate or enhance our spiritual relationships, we find that there is a great deal of overlap between the various Spirit Guide threads - this thread is a part of that whole, differing only in its particular emphasis.

Although I personally find the distinction somewhat confusing since I see the varieties of consciousness as a continuum, the Spirit Guide Group Chanelling, Encounters and Meditations threads remain in the subscriber only Spirituality forum, and may be located in the Spirit Guide Group: Index.

For those subscribers interested in pursuing the Spirit Guide: Dreams archives, here are Volume One and Volume Two. I would like to suggest that to protect confidentiality - unless a subscriber has given explicit permission - material from these previous threads not be quoted here in the public forums. But for myself, I do give permission that any of my posts in the subscriber Spirit Guide Study Group threads may be quoted anywhere else within the Aeclectic system.
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