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What Doreen Virtue deck(s) do you favor?

I find this one hard to answer as they are all so lovely. I have ordered the new deck saints and angels and just waiting for it to be delivered. I work quite alot with the Messages from your Angels.

How did you acquire your deck(s)?

I bought them either from the Holistic shop or from Amazon

How do you use your cards?

I use them to give people readings on forums, by email and in Spirtual Cicrle. I give readings to myself and use them in meditation in groups and by myself.

with the Fairy deck and mermaid and dolphin deck, I use these decks togther and find they mix well. Using the fairy card for the basis and the mermaid/dolphin deck to look in more detail at the reading.

The Arch Angel cards mix well with the Healing with Angel Cards. The Goddess Guidance I use mainly for myself.

What is your most favorite card out of all the decks?

Isis Card in the Goddess deck, past lives facinate me.

What is your least favorable/understood card?

Couldnt think of one

What else is important to you regarding discussion of these decks?

Learning to learn from others on new approaches, new spreads and share, thoughts feelings etc
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