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mollykins, welcome...
Glad to see you here!

Originally Posted by rash212
Do any of your'll keep these oracle decks wrapped in cloth or tarot bags?? Or r they just lying nicely in their boxes?!!!

Hi, rash...
My angels live in a zippered velvet bag; it's a rich dark blue with a gold embroidered and beaded design on one side. I also put a little gold angel charm on the zipper-pull. It's quite a sturdy bag, well suited to my rather substantial angel deck.
I keep a cloth in the bag with the cards, too. It is a sheer, dark blue square of cloth with a pattern of little gold angels and stars all over it.
The angels picked out everything--the bag, cloth, everything. It all came to me in such perfect, "coincidental" circumstances that it just had to be angels at work.
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