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Hi David, thanks for reposting your last dream sequences. There is so much to work with here!!! It's hard to know where to begin...
Although there is nothing in this long sequence which in a conventional way would be seen as nightmarish or horrific, it was nonetheless a profoundly disturbing dream, so much so that I have needed over a week to begin to come to terms with it, this dream of dreams
I'm sorry this was so disturbing for appears that your Dream Director decided to take you to a whole new level that you weren't sure you were ready to explore yet...hence the initial resistance. I think you were able to come to an understanding of your reactions when you connected the confusion between Love and Death later in your post. It may also be important to point out here that Death is married to Resurrection...hence fear of divinely inspired love can translate into fear of the unknown presented by the resurrection scenario.

Originally Posted by Sophie-David
I decided to leave the shop for a walk about. I was surprised to see that the shop next door, exactly like ours except empty had been left unlocked by the mall management. I remember seeing another area that I was surprised had been left unlocked also, but I cannot remember what it was. I made my way through a large department store to the north exit.
Your awareness of the unlocked doors made me think of your previous dreams of Keys. Perhaps your subconscious (or higher consciousness) was sending you a message that the doors are open to you and keys are not required for you to make a choice of what door to walk through. Interesting that one store was empty and you can't remember what was in the other. Instead of entering either, you head "North"...(in my traditions) toward your spirit self and the guides that await you there. Quite symbolic of your ability to choose the correct door wisely. I notice that you interpreted this differently.

Originally Posted by Sophie-David
And here she is, an alien also, foreign to egoic consciousness, black with the fertility of Africa, the womb of the earth - but yet a part of me, one of the cosmic crew. Like the face of God, overpowering in its uncompromising reality, I must view her from behind, for to look on her fully would be to risk losing control, to be seduced into irrevocable union with the Creative Beloved.
This is an extremely powerful statement and I feel reveals exactly why this dream had such an impact on you. Looking upon the face of God/dess in many myths and traditions is equated with sure Death. Again, we see here the theme of love associated with death. The piece that seems to be missing so far is the truth of the Resurrection.

Originally Posted by Sophie-David
I confessed to her that I also had trouble eating the giant grasshoppers, but it was our only protein, and the sickness would get worse without them. They would help protect us from the desert sun. I said that I had thought I wasn't going to be able to keep them down yesterday afternoon, but the feeling had passed. Once you faced it you were OK with them from then on. She said that I was probably right, and she turned around to face me as I sat on the raised platform. The young boy was seated at my left. I asked her to stick her tongue out to see if she was dehydrated. There was a small flake on her tongue, like a cornflake, this would be some of the hard rations. Without the grasshoppers in her diet she would fall sick and die.
I wasn't quite sure what to make of all the grasshoppers and such at first. But the more I think about the symbolizm, it feels very representative to me of Holy Communion. And seems to be revealing the reluctance of yourself and those around you to acceptance that the Body of the Divine lives within you. There is also something very interesting about the reluctance of the Goddess when looked at from that perspective: The Goddess desiring sustenance from above (her cosmic brother/lover), but reluctant enough about their union that she is willing to starve and die in the physical sense. This may be a message to you regarding the closed Root Chakra and how releasing your fears surrounding love and death will provide 'everlasting life' through union of the (crown) above and the (root) below.

Originally Posted by Sophie-David
Now the dream ego uses the inner child as a talisman to ward off unrestrained union. But the heart is gentle and wise, and instead of embracing the dream ego in love she touches the inner child. Through that child the man will be seduced. And now the revelation was complete.
This was a very touching summary of your dream not a dream analysis. With the themes of Life, Death, and Resurrection, I would also add that the seduction is not the "Root" of the matter, but the Resurrection of the Spirit through the Child. The man (life) receives Divine Love through the innocence of the child form because the child is not bound to the Root with sexuality but with sensuality--understanding and experiencing new/divine life through all the senses, hence all the chakras.

I don't know that I have touched on anything more than what you already described, David. But I hope in some way my thoughts are helpful to you on your journey. Thanks for being so open and willing to share so much of yourself with others!
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