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thanks for this thread, it is really interesting ... I just thought that I would share some of my dream experiences that I suspect to be manifestations from my spirit guide/s. These all happened when I was a teenager ( I'm 21 now) and I have not had any dreams like this in the last few years.

The first one was - I dreamt that I was older ... maybe about 26, I was walking up some stairs to my apartment. Obviously, I was poor ... because my dress was faded paisley material, and I lived in a run down, small apartment. I was pregnant, and alone. I sat down on my bed, which faced a mirror, I sat down on my bed and started looking into the mirror and brushing my hair - which was long, like it is now. Suddenly a nun appeared in the reflection of the mirror ... she was smiling and friendly, I ran out of my apartment and down the stairs and onto the street and just started walking down the busy street .. but where ever I went she would always be there, in the corner of my eye ... I finally faced her and asked her what she wanted - she said that where ever I went she would always be there. And that's all I can remember really, I'm not sure if it was spirit guide or not, but I have always suspected that it was .... just thought that I would share it anyway.

I have had another vivid dream, which could be of my spirit guide, but it was incredibly strange .... and seems like a past life fragment ... or something like that ...

Anyway's, thanks for the thread
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