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Originally Posted by Sophie-David
Hi Autumn Star

Welcome! And thanks for sharing your dream.

Pregnancy is a powerful dream symbol of nurturing creativity preparing to be manifest. If we take the rundown apartment as an image of your own inner psychic space as you saw it at the time, the creative blossoming of your pregnancy brings new life into what seems like a deadend existence. There is a hidden strength here, and if you were a Tarot reader at the time, we could interpret the number of your projected age, 26, to add to 8 or feminine Strength in your Morgan Greer deck. That hidden strength lies in you, as you discover in the mirror, revealed in the nun, a virginal guide. Like the High Priestess, she reflects your own intuitive wisdom, always abiding with you.

I try to take an open mind as to whether these guides are inner or outer, because in a sense they are always both - just as the inner and outer worlds are really one and the same. As above, so below.

Deep Blessings - David
Hi David, thankyou very much for your comments You have an incredible gift for dream interpretation.

There are so many things in this dream that I had never looked at in this way. Just the other day - I was thinking to myself, I am much more like the High Priestess than the Empress ... in fact my challenges number is 3 ... and this is my year number too. So, in this dream, I see the juxtaposition between the HP and Empress ... I have always wondered if I was a nun in a past life too. As for being an inner guide - I had never thought about it like that, and it makes so much sense.

Thankyou very much for your help - I could relate to everything that you have written
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