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Originally Posted by autumn star
Hi David, thankyou very much for your comments You have an incredible gift for dream interpretation.

There are so many things in this dream that I had never looked at in this way. Just the other day - I was thinking to myself, I am much more like the High Priestess than the Empress ... in fact my challenges number is 3 ... and this is my year number too. So, in this dream, I see the juxtaposition between the HP and Empress ... I have always wondered if I was a nun in a past life too. As for being an inner guide - I had never thought about it like that, and it makes so much sense.

Thankyou very much for your help - I could relate to everything that you have written
Thank you for the encouragement Autumn Star. I've had quite a bit of practice and a truly wonderful teacher! I'm glad to be of help, but really my interpretation is only a start. This is a dream you have remembered for some time and is clearly of great significance. There are several techniques you could use if you wish to go deeper. For example, try free association, stream of consciousness writing or dialoguing with the various elements of the dream, not only the nun, the dream ego (the "I" in the dream), and the unborn child, but the scenery too, the mirror, the bed, your hair. They are all there for a reason and carry symbolic meaning. Try to remember your emotions at different parts of the dream. You could also do a Tarot spread on the dream. Perhaps draw a picture of the scene, but particularly of the nun. What background music would you set the dream to? Dream amplification can be almost endless, and of course you have to weigh how much time you are able to put into it. But the more you try to connect with your own dreams the more they will be able to communicate with you - in future dreaming also.
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