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The Mystery of X

As I mentioned in the Spirit Guide Group Encounters thread today, yesterday evening, with a little flutter of the physical heart, Natalie dropped out of co-consciousness. However, even that one day with her has been life changing, and I am thankful for that time I had with her, rather than regretful that it is past.

Last night's dream was a bit vague, but what I do remember was that I was a young Clark Kent Superman figure, probably about 12 years old. My father was also a Superman character, and we had gone to a summer camp on holidays. As is typical with your average superhero, he never seems to get a day off. So while Dad was out chasing the bad guys, he suggested I hide out in a cabin for a bit with the door locked. I was quite happy to spend a bit of time reading, but I'm not sure what it was. But what seemed to be key in the dream was that if I got into any kind of trouble - particularly with the bad guys, I just had to concentrate on the letter X - actually spell it out in Morse code - and Dad would come running (flying?). I remember that in the dream I felt I had discovered a great secret from our home world, a superpower in itself, conveyed in this letter X. The dream ended.

It is not surprising that with this recent and unprecedented degree of integration with the Creative Beloved - following months of working through negative mother issues in one way or another - that there would be an encounter with a positive father figure. Just as in the Fool's Journey, one card is the gateway to the next. Having started with Magician and High Priestess and year and a half ago, then worked on integration with the Empress for perhaps a year now, it appears I am ready to revisit the Emperor/Father principle. It is unusual indeed for me to have a positive father dream.

The Superman theme is not new to me, but it is a rather primitive and underdeveloped symbol of masculine energy - dreams of the Lord of the Rings Aragorn and then of the Wild White Stallion being higher octaves of this. I presume I am returning to the Superman theme to gather up something I have missed. The key to this dream, which it highlighted for me, was the letter X.

First of all, X in Morse code is Dash-Dot-Dot-Dash - symmetrical like the letter X, rather like a little fort with the two Dots within it guarded by substantial walls of Dashes. A stable symbol in four parts, like the letter X itself which traces the corners of a square. Thus the symbol and numerology of the Emperor is clearly expressed.

X also represents the unknown or mysterious, perhaps even the transcendent - as in the X-ray and the X-files. Perhaps a bit like the astrological Neptune, it reflects the unknown. Again, this may be a reference to my natal Neptune in Scorpio, which is trine my Venus, so that through creative expression I draw on the symbols of the collective unconscious, intuitive wisdom, and things which are the opposite of what they appear.

I also note that even though I related the X to the Emperor, there is no denying that it also represents the female X chromosome. And at that point I am going to leave this dream an open question for now...
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