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Raidho Analysis

Although Thorsson suggests that the pictogram in the rune is that of a chariot, I suspect that it is simpler and more in line with the Rune Poems to assume that it is a pictogram of a person in a riding position as if on a horse (though the horse is not depicted).

The associations with social aspects come largely from List. I see very few reasons to associate this rune with these things which are more likely to come under Tiwaz (more on this later).

There are two more areas that deserve further study though. The first is that many have associated this rune with the wagon of the sun. The main reason for this is that the angular portions of the rune make a Sowilo rune. I.e. one can see Raidho as a bindrune of Isa and Sowilo. In this aspect, it would refer to the motion of the sun. Hence the motion can either be linear (riding a horse from one place to another) or circular (the path of the sun).

The second area is that the soul or spirit in many Indo-European traditions has been associated with a chariot or similar vehicle (see Bagavad Gita, Plato's Phaedrus, and others). In general, there is an aspect of the self that is seen as the rider/charioteer. This duality between Ansuz (accepting Polome's derivation as "Holder of the Reins" and *Raidho as "riding" is important. One can see Thurisaz->Ansuz->Raidho (there is more to Thorr than meets the eye-- see Alvismal) in the figure of Thorr and Ansuz->Raidho->Kenaz in the form of Odhinn's self-sacrifice. Note again that Yggdrassil means "Horse of Ygg" and "Ygg" is another name for Odhinn.
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