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Originally Posted by Umbrae
Most of the old pagan calendars used 13 months based on the lunar cycle.
Take a look at the XIII thread in the Marseilles Deck study group.
I assume you are not stating that most of the pagan calendars had 13 months per year. You have about 12 1/3 lunar cycles per solar year so calendars either tend to go with 12 and then extend them, come up with an extra occasional month, settle for a roaming lunar calendar (such as the Islamic calendar), etc.

The Coligny calendar, for example, does appear to have a thirteenth month which only occurs every three years or so. The entire calendar is probably reconciled on a 30 year cycle. It would be more accurate, I think to say that it is a 12-month calendar with occasional intercalary months added for reconcilliation purposes (one sees something similar wrt the Mayan calendar).

Why not have 13 months every year instead of 12? Well to start with 13 is a prime number, so you can't divide it up into equal groups of anything. 12, on the other hand, is divisible by 2, 3, 4, and 6.

Grimnismal discusses 12 halls in Asgard which might be associated with astrological signs. While the moon no doubt played a great role in timekeeping, I don't see any evidence of intercalary months added to square the calendar out (this is possible-- as I have said before our information is nowhere near complete).
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