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Originally Posted by Umbrae
"soe-wee-low" ( The sun.) This rune looks similar to the letter S.

A historical note is necessary. The Celtic (sun) cross predates the Christian cross as a holy symbol. It has been said that the Celtic cross evolved from the Teutonic/Norse sun cross, Sowilo. The Teutonic/Norse Sun Cross was made by laying two Runes of the Sun over each other. This forms a swastika. Unfortunately, the symbol of holiness and power is now associated with the nazi regime. Hitler did not make it a symbol of darkness by ‘changing’ it to ‘spin’ counter-clockwise. It’s meaning is not changed. It can be reversed and bear the same meaning, as it did for thousands of years, before Herr Shicklegruber deprived the world of the rightful use of the sign.
Just to offer a bit of a different point. The swastika was quite prevalent among ancient peoples, as was the solar wheel. Both these are seen in some of the earliest bronze-age Celtic sites, as well as Germanic, Greek, and Vedic literature. I see no reason to think that the Germanic people developed this symbol first but more likely it was a common Indo-European symbol which was spread everywhere the Indo-Europeans went.

As a side note, the swastika was, up until the mid-19th century, a fairly important symbol in Judaism too (representing the Crown of God) and you can still see it in many of the old synogogues. While I suspect that the Jews got the symbol from the Persians, I am not 100% sure.

I tend to be fairly skeptical of the arguments of the Germanic peoples inventing all sorts of things that later spread to other cultures around the IE world because, between the wars, these theories were commonplace among the Runic writers. For example, S. A. Kummer wrote that all languages were decended from the ancient Germanic mother tongue....
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