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The names of the Elder Futhark.

The names of the Elder Futhark are generally reconstructed using fairly technical linguistic analytical processes. One of the benefits we have with proto-Germanic is that we do have a set of inscriptions including many words (Linu, Alu, Ansuz, Ansuja, Erilaz, Runaz, etc.) with which we can further validate the names. In general, I do not trust non-linguists to this sort of work as it is fairly easy to make mistakes that invalidate the conclusions. So I am more inclined to trust the work of Thorrson/Flowers, Polome, and others with academic linguistics backgrounds than most modern writers with this regard. So unless someone can show why the linguistic derivations are wrong, then I will continue to advocate sticking to those that are generally used in academic circles.

Another interesting point has been the debate over the vowel to place where I put the underscore in *Wod_naz. What is particularly interesting here is that although *Wodanaz, we do have a helmet with an inscription *Tiwodanaz (arguably a contraction of *Tiwaz and *Wodanaz (the gods that become Tyr and Odhinn respectively).
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