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A different way to read this:


1, 2, and 3 represent the Norns. 4 represents the heavenly forces (Alfs/Disir/Aesir) and 5 represents the underworldly forces (foundations, fertility, primoridal destructive). Now to go through each one in detail.

1 represetns Urdh. Urdh represents the weight of past action on the present situation. This can be current issues, the situation as it used to be, or even inherited fate from one's ancestors. Usually you don't see the latter one by itself, and it will represent additionally past events that are known to effect the present. This therefore represents the constraints under which the current situation exists and can develop.

2 represents Verdhandi. Verthandi represents the actions and events of the present, i.e. what is going on now.

3 represents Skuld. Skuld represents what should happen or is likely to follow from the other runes in the spread. Since the Germanic peoples did not believe in a definite future (only one constrained by past actions and events), this is hypothetical and subject to change by willed action.

4 represents the heavens (mostly the Aesir) and the sovereign principle. It represents divine changes of events, perception of necessity, and opportunities for conscious action.

5 represents the underworld (mostly the Dwarves, the serpents, and Hel's hall). This rune can be either good or bad. If it is good it represents a firm foundation, generation of good things within the present, or another set of past (transpersonal) influcences constraining the situation. I.e. purely inherited Urdh strands can show up here. If it is bad, it can also represent primordial destrictive forces.
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