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Learning Spanish

A week ago today, i.e. on November 29, I was dreaming of the rough part of downtown Vancouver. I seemed to be walking home from work downtown, as I had done several times. I got to an area near Chinatown. I was feeling rather defensive and alert to threats. A young man was driving a motorcycle back and forth along the road, so that it did not seem safe to cross. In the father lane [sic] some young men were drinking and driving in an open convertible, making noise and driving recklessly. But as I stood watching, wanting to cross, all of a sudden I realized there was no cause for fear. I made up my mind I was going to cross, and the motorcycle and convertible disappeared, turning the corner and not coming back.

I crossed the road and went up the left hand side of the road towards the east, and I stopped to listen to some older men talking. I think they were talking in Spanish, but I could understand them. I was fascinated by what they were talking about. Although I don't remember what it was, I thought it was very significant, the key to life. Then I came back down that road slightly and headed north. I decided to cut down a back alley, again towards the east. As I did so, I thought, this is very unwise and dangerous.

But I seemed to be compelled to go down there, and as I entered the alley I saw a young woman who worked in one of the family businesses in the back alley, on the right hand side about halfway down the alley. She might have been taking out the trash or bringing in some supplies. She was dark haired, Spanish and very beautiful. I felt that it must be safe in this alley after all and continued walking. I looked forward to meeting her. The dream ended.

As my teacher has repeatedly suggested, I am trying to avoid interpreteting dreams right away, since so often this closes them off from further development. I am not suggesting this is appropriate for everyone, but at this point in my dreaming career it does seem to be the most effective thing for me. However, apart from interpreting, there are many other approaches to processing a dream which amplify it rather than limit it - such as artistic expression, dialogue with the dream characters and other elements, or visual meditation.

In following this discipline of delaying interpretation, which I seem to have been doing lately anyway, such as with "The Movie Classic", I am seeing some rewards. Seven days later I had a logical continuation of this dream above, last night.

As mentioned earlier, it would seem that the enhanced relationship with the Empress of my Heart has opened the gateway to the next card in sequence, the Emperor. This dream seemed to be very much about masculine energy, negative and positive. There was the untamed expression of what was perceived to be dangerous masculine libidinous energy in the motorcycle and convertible - and an interesting typo that connected the convertible with the father! There is a clear connection here with my father's alcoholism.

In fact this dream greatly foreshadowed last night's dreamwork, which after reading the Root chapter in Anodea Judith's Eastern Body, Western Mind was a therapeutic journey into right to be, right to have, and facing fear, as was this dream.

But in reward for facing fear and crossing to the other side, I am initiated into mature masculine wisdom, in passionate and lyrical Spanish. This seems to refer to the rewards of further integration with masculine shadow, and perhaps also recalls the wisdom of books such as the John of the Cross Dark Night of the Soul.

Then instinctually go further into the shadow, down the back alley towards transformation, "the east". The promise of the Beloved as continuing guide through the shadow brings incentive, courage, and implied further reward. Further work on masculine energies, and especially on rootedness, will gradually build a psyche capable of accepting and sustaining further integration with the Creative Beloved.
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