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I've got this card popping up today in a reading about a friend..This guy and i became friends not so long ago..and actually one of my best friends like this guy a lot..and i thought he was into her too..but i kinda sensed that he changed directions and has decided to be just friends both with me and her that felt interesting and i kinda tried to see what is behind it i did a small reading concerning him and me..

He thought that i was "the magician"..i knew that; but then i asked about his feelings and i got 7 of wands-ace of pents..and 5 of cups as the clarification and as soon as i saw the card i knew that robin wood's 5 of cups is totally different than waite's 5 of cups..

Here is my take: He HAS to hide his feelings(5 of cups) because it would be very immoral to change his direction towards me,would cause a lot of trouble (7 of wands) since he was my friends friend in the first place..So he is sorry that he has to do this and that he missed a chance (ace of pents) to get to know me in a different way..but yes i do agree that there's a hiding aspect to this card..
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