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I get this card in a lot of readings I do on myself. To me this card means for me to look at what I have left. I feel this person can only see what has gone wrong. They don't want to notice the two good thi ngs they have left. The spilled liquid looks like blood. How we tend to slit our own throats and bleed over little things. Blood is important to us we need it to live so we find it really hard to let go of. But once it is spilled we can't get it back. Yet we might want to.

To me this is a card of letting go and remembering what we still have.

Hope that makes sense. NOw off to read what the others have written.

edit: wow I loved the protecting aspect that was posted. I can totally see that! That is certainly a new aspect to add to it next time I do a reading! Awsome infomation.
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