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Robin Wood - Queen of Swords

I have had this card come up twice in some of my readings I have done for myself lately so I thought that I would start a thread on this card. And also because I have such hard times with court cards.

In this card I see so many aspects that we just brought up with the Devil card. The Queen has many butterflies on her dress and she is standing next to a rose bush. The sun is peaking out behind dark clouds that seem to be moving away revealing clear skies. Another part of her dress has clouds and birds on it with looks a lot like the sky around her. The wind seems to be blowing hard, which is probably due to the fact that the Swords are Air cards. Oh...which just made me realize that that is probably why she has the butterflies and clouds on her dress....because she is associated with Air. hah.

Looking at her face and her stance she seems to be a strong willed woman. She would probably run out to battle if need be. She seems like she is a caring person for those she loves, but if you tried to cross her, well, that would be a huge mistake.
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