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A few more notes:

In connection with other traditions, Monmouth's Vita Merlini has Merlin fighting with a stag's anter too in at least one instanse. In this case, he kills his opponent by throwing a stag's antler at him, so I don't think that this is connected with horned god imagery. And again, Snorri explains the whole fighting with the antler bit as having the antler as an alternative to the sword.

Also most of the iconography of Freyr shows him with a huge phallus. I think it is reasonably obvious that this is connected with his role as a firtility god.

In general, Freyr is in the "dispenser of riches" category. He is a warrior but that is not his primary function. For further reading I would suggest Snorri's Edda and Skirnismal.
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