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I have seen these card pairs before, but not arranged according to the Tree of Life. The same sequence can be found by just laying out the Major Arcana in a double line, 0 - X, XI - XXI. Each of the card pairs adds up to 21 and the first two, The Fool and The Universe spell the hebrew word ATh(Ateh, the opening of the Qabalistic Cross).

I see what you are getting at when you suggest the swap between The Star and The Empress but there are other connections that suggest the cards should be left where they are.

The Emperor and The Star both share a diagonal symmetry. See the arms of The Star and the beam of light on The Emperor.
Both of these diagonals are supposed to symbolise the influence of Chokmah upon Tiphareth.

Also there is a link between The Empress and The Moon that corresponds to the dualistic sephira Da'ath. The Empress is pregnant, where as The Moon is a symbol of menstruation.

There's another card swap that could be made as well. The famous Adjustment / Lust switch. If you do that then you end up with Adjustment and Fortune in Malkuth. Both of these cards symbolise the Phallus and the Yoni. Note the point within the circle in card 10 and the Sword in the Diamond in card 8.

On the flip side XI Lust and XIII Death both share diagonal lines of symmetry. Of course if you start changing the cards around the pairs don't add up to 21.
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