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Originally Posted by Aeon418
...It's also interesting to note that Kenneth Grant claims that the sephira Daath is the place of entrance to the reverse side of the Tree of Life. It is the "Window" into the subconscious (The Moon).

In Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia I see that the word HA means Lo. That's quite interesting when you remember the chapter in The Book of Lies pertaining to the Tarot and it's reference to the Abyss and Lo.
OUTSTANDING work Aeon418! Piecing together some of the pairs and applying them to Crowley's ideas is exemplary work. I am glad someone is taking it seriously enough to actually put some study into it. It is fascinating to see that there is something smoking in there.

I've been studying this arrangement for something like 20 years and it never occured to me that HA could be taken across with The Star. Well, of course it can! Excellent work too with HA meaning "Lo!" I've known for some time what the word can mean, but hadn't linked Lo with the window and the Abyss. Nor to what he may have been hinting at in that piece of prose I'd read so many times. Marvelous!

Regarding the Gemetria, maybe I can help. Sepher Sephiroth gives, for 105, the Hebrew root word HPK which means, "to change, to overturn, subvert," and is the root of a word meaning, "the opposite, the contrary", as well as TzYH which means "desert". Not a bad word to describe the Abyss perhaps.
It also mentions that it is the sum of all the numbers from 1 to 14, i.e. 1+2+3...+14=105. The number 14 is signicant because it is the number which equals YD. Amongst other things it is also the sum of HDH meaning "to stretch, direct, grind out", and; DVD which means "friend, love, beloved" as well as "kettle, pot", and "David" of course.

It means we must finally take a look at the correspondences between card and letter and can I justify the obvious conclusions? It can be done. These were my thoughts before you pointed out that The Star may still equal HA.
A brief outline then:

If The Emperor = *Heh*; a window lets in light = LUX (with all that that implies) as well as being the symbol for consciousness, awareness and of course sense perception - none of which is far from The Emperor's functions as paternal authority.

The Empress = *Tzadi* is trickier. The problem (more so if The Emperor = *Tzadi*) is that it is difficult to define what "the fishook* really means as a symbol. The act of "drawing up" is ok, but we do have to deal with the trapping, deception, temptation (bait) aspect of the symbol. [see below]

The Star = *Daleth*; threshold or door. I actually find this an easier concept than The Empress = *Daleth*. Simply because a "door" (originally a "tent flap" which generally remained open) implies a coming and going whereas The Empress seems a one way journey, i.e. birth (regardless of the rather Freudian interpretation of later opinion). There is also the, not so small, matter of "crossing the threshold". Which I find easier to assimilate with The Star at Daath - especially in regard to your findings re Kenneth Grant - than with The Empress.
The truth is the Abyss is part of The Star's picture: "...between sea and land is the Abyss...hidden by the clouds, which swirl as a development of her hair..." [Book of Thoth] Is he telling us himself where the card belongs?.

The Empress and the "fishook" as a means of drawing out through deception, etc., needs an extra word or two. Such a concept, in myth and legend, is a universal archetype. If you're not familiar with it you only have to look at the Celtic/Arthurian concept of the Goddess of Sovereignty, of Ygerne, Morgan le Fay and Lady Ragnell, or the Egyptian stories of Isis vs Ra. Then there's Lilith, Pandora, Penelope, Frigg, and so on. They are not representations of the Earth Mother. They are representations of the Sovereignty of the Land and they do whatever it takes to get their desires fulfilled. And Her Desire is to unite with the best "champion" in order to conceive the new King of the next age.
I believe that that is who The Empress is. And that is why she is in the acsending not descending side of the Tree. She is going to give birth to The New Aeon.
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