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Cool You have a passenger

Talisman - I came across your very interesting study this morning and it is a synchronicity - so I declare. Your long and thoughtful post has found a grateful listener.

The Six of Swords was apparently greatly understated by the old king; there's much more to it than he let us in on. I got a COS reading in which this card is very predominant. The implication in it is my receiving specific guidance dependent on my willingness, cooperation and attention (rowing the boat) but not trying to make something happen (the impulse to rock the boat, and the calm water on one side and rough on the other).

The deck that was used portrays an angel or guide figure floating over the water who points to the small beam of light on the distant shore - guidance from a benign and spiritual being. This reading is very recent and I have not yet learned which deck this card is in, but there is an image available on one of the posts in the COS~being_chrysalis & brenmck~Jan 29 - Feb 4 thread. It is very much worth a look because the card picture verifies all that you have mentioned. This image has been with me since I first pulled it up, and I know eventually I'll have to have this deck. It is the most expressive rendition of the Six of Swords for my eyes that I have seen. This card has come up for me frequently recently, and thanks to this reading I am finally seeing it fully - the negative, rather despairing aura that I used to project on it is completely gone.

Thanks for this. ~B~
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