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I'll still participate in this group from time to time.

I'm not using my World Spirit deck at the moment - haven't used it for ages actually but since doing this One Deck Study with the International Icon tarot, the decks that I'm missing most from my 'Woking Decks' are the ones that are different from the RWS; the World Spirit is one deck that I'm missing a lot.

So, onto the 6 of Swords:
Originally Posted by Talisman
Does any of this suggest "harmony" to you ? Can you think of any other key word that would fit The Lovers and all the sixes ? Including this World Spirit card ? I like Rachel Pollack's idea of Gate cards, and for me, this card is certainly one.
I don't see harmony in this card either - yet but they do look as if they are escaping something - they do look as if they are in search of harmony.
This perilous boat journey that they are about to undertake with what looks like an awful lot of their worldly goods looks to be life changing.
Presumably they are leaving a bad situation so presumably they are in search of something better - something more harmonious.

One keyword that I associate with The Lovers that I would definately put with this card too is CHOICE....There is a very strong elelment of choice in this image. They aren't being forced into the boat. It may have been a choice that was difficult to make because of it's enormity but the decision to go was still a choice and hopefully the results of that choice will make their lives better - that definately goes well with the theme of The Lovers for me.

Love Sulis xx
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