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Talisman: Appreciate the thoughtful investiture of your post regarding World Spirit's 6-Swords & provides much food for reflection.

I like the World Spirit's 6-Swords for its imagery, which is different from the RWS version I also like. & therefore both better than most other such cards.

The number 6 is composed of a straight line with a circle. It represents upright Man (straight line: the conscious; the ego) supported by his soul (circle: The I Am, the Higher Self or Superconscious). Man has learned to depend on his inner self. Acquired wisdom from the assimilation of knowledge & understanding through the earthly experiences represented by numbers 1 through 5. Moved from passionate love to compassionate love. Hence, 6 symbolic of achievement; purposefulness; a cycle completed; harmony.

Though 6-Swords in general tends to retain certain associations including that of death or passage, WS' 6-Swords poses a distinct contrast to the RWS.

The former's setting of a dark & even stormy night tends to evince high tension or urgency. Alludes to desperate circumstances to dictate escape or flight to another place.

The latter's image more of the calm before the storm breaks or the calm after all hell breaks loose. Calmness, resignation or the resolute sets its tone; its setting anywhere from the wee hours of morning whence the rest of the world asleep to sometime later in the day.

The first time I experienced World Spirit's 6-Swords was during the my stint with the Traveling AT Member Deck for Talking Tarot:

Amongst other things, it expressed perfectly the rescue efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; the haste, the uncertainties of the future.

As in the RWS, the forerunner of illustrated pips, there is a sense of harmony (sought) through understanding. Such understanding is what leads to decision, action, movement--all expressive of the Swords element--based on Swords representative of Air, the intellect, the mental realm. Despite the WS' dark countenance, I can see it as expressive of assimilation; transition; the herculean efforts required in the journey towards harmony or balance.
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