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Originally Posted by brenmck
Talisman - I came across your very interesting study this morning and it is a synchronicity - so I declare. Your long and thoughtful post has found a grateful listener.

. . . Thanks for this. ~B~
brenmck, thank you for the comments.

Originally Posted by Sulis
One keyword that I associate with The Lovers that I would definately put with this card too is CHOICE....There is a very strong elelment of choice in this image. They aren't being forced into the boat. It may have been a choice that was difficult to make because of it's enormity but the decision to go was still a choice and hopefully the results of that choice will make their lives better - that definately goes well with the theme of The Lovers for me.
But this is wonderful. And . . .

Originally Posted by MeeWah
. . . As in the RWS, the forerunner of illustrated pips, there is a sense of harmony (sought) through understanding. Such understanding is what leads to decision, action, movement--all expressive of the Swords element--based on Swords representative of Air, the intellect, the mental realm. Despite the WS' dark countenance, I can see it as expressive of assimilation; transition; the herculean efforts required in the journey towards harmony or balance.
Oh, MeeWah, you see so clearly. While I was just stumbling around it has helped so much to have such terrific guides come along and shed a little light on the path.

Since I seem to be doing a lot of quoting here, let me add this fragment from what Jessica Godino said about the meaning of the Six of Swords: " . . . a passage from one level of understanding to another . . ."

I truly believe that is what I was offered here, and I'll bet'cha others who may read this will find it helpful also.

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