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Originally Posted by Talisman
...what Jessica Godino said about the meaning of the Six of Swords: " . . . a passage from one level of understanding to another . . ."

I truly believe that is what I was offered here, and I'll bet'cha others who may read this will find it helpful also.

I concur! In haste to set down the thoughts before they faded, I meant to include that 6-Swords particularly expressive of the acquired to developed knowledge or enlightenment. Such as occurs from assimilating experience(s); from putting 'the pieces together'; from one level of consciousness or understanding to another level.

Usually this occurs after the assimilation/integration of information or insight from the subsconscious/Superconscious; from the pool of all experiences converging to meet or emerge on the conscious level. Being that nothing occurs in the material, physical realm before it occurs on another intrinsic level--a result of the 'filter down' or 'ripple effect'--that moreorless makes the leap to the real, true assimilation/understanding. Can culminate in a 'present tense awareness' akin to a spontaneous effect of harmony or balance.

This perhaps more readily seen in the RWS 6-Swords via the contrast of the water texture from one side of the boat to another which evinces change or movement; a process: *passage; transition*. In the WS card, the contrast between the pier & the solidity of terra firma to that of the boat in open water. Hence, alludes to & expressive of the forces of yin & yang. Duality & the choices (aptly mentioned by Sulis) of 6-The Lovers.
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