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Archangel Metatron: "Focus on your highest priorities. I will help you get organised and motivated"

This is about finding the time to do things that give you great pleasure and what you have much passion for. Usually these things is what your true heart's desires and could possibly be more than likely your life's mission. By doing so this would increase your energy levels as you would be doing that is of great importance to you.

This may indicate that you may have a bit of a hectic life, where there is little or no time for you to do these things. Then it would be a matter of rearranging your schedule and may be a matter of time management to make sure you do things that are important to you. It is a time for you to unwind as well, take some time out to relax. Not only could this be in terms of a creative project of a venture, it could be a matter of takign care of yourself, wher eyou would have time to sit and be quiet, perhaps have a nice soak in a warm bath, sitting out in the garden, gardening, going on a retreat, having a facial, a manicure, a pedicure or any other beauty treatment, buy some new clothes, get a new hair style, whatever it takes for you to pamper yourself.

It may be a case of eliminating certain situations and circumstances that do not suit your purpose and put too many limitations on yourself. In some way it could be seen as identifying and dealing with certain situations and circumstances that make you miserable, unhappy or upset. It could be a matter of things that are necessary that take up the time that you could be spending on doing something significant or time where you can be taking care of yourself. Perhaps there are people around you that put on certain expectations on you which does not fit in with your true heart's desire or your life's mission. There maybe people that put too many demands on you, your energy, your attention and your time. In some sense this could be saying that whatever other people's expectations of you are, you should stand your ground and perhaps put your foot down and do whatever you desire to do, and if they put too many demands on you, you can always say "no". If they love you and are your true friends they will not mind you setting these boundaries and doing what you truly desire to do, if they allow you to do this, not only will you benefit from this they will too!!

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