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I dreamed last night I had some new clothes. I also had some new shoes - three pairs. They were all quite sparkly and "evening" wear shoes. I tried them on and they were a little too big, but looked ok.

I was at a ball in a very posh house. Tony Blair was there and we ended up kissing (!). I have never had a crush on him or anything like that.

On leaving the party with Tony and his wife (who had suddenly appeared) we had to climb over a pink stile. I didn't think I could do it, but I tried and managed it easily. Can't remember much else.

Is this about changing my life path? Trying on different shoes to see which fit me best? The stile would seem to be about an obstacle which looks impossible but can be easily overcome. Tony Blair - I am not so sure about! Any ideas? My ex-husband was called Tony by the way, but I never even think about him any more and certainly have no desire to kiss him!
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