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Originally Posted by ravenest

This is great guys, I've tried the layout once, but need to do it again with reference to these notes and give it a lot of time,

Thanks dude! It's nice to know someone is still looking and finding something positive in it.

The whole idea of putting these cards on the Sephiroth originally came about because I could not understand why the Higher Arcana were relegated (as I saw it) to the paths whilst the lesser pip cards were given the exalted positions in the Sephiroth. OK, so the pips had numbers on them while the HA corresponded (allegedly) to the Hebrew letters, and the letters belong to the paths. But do they only belong to the paths? The 22 letters can be put into the 11 sephiroth, if you include Daath, as well as the paths. So why not the cards?
I originally used the RWS. I noticed some interesting correlations but not enough to be certain of any "truth" abiding there. It was only when I used the Thoth deck that I was thunder (and lightning) struck by what I saw.

I have been avoiding putting down my own research into this thread as I wanted others to approach it without me contaminating their thoughts. To see if others saw it too. As I said, I'm not trying to sell it to anyone, just putting it out there. But I do think it is of interest and I'm very glad that you think so too.

That said, I think maybe it's time I began to mention a few thoughts of my own. Maybe it will show some approaches others have missed or not thought about. After all, nearly all of Aeon418's observations were new to me.
So then, as examples of where I've been going with this:-

[Disclaimer - all interpretations of the cards are brief and crude and are selective to the purpose I'm putting them to. But they are interpretations from creditable writers and are NOT invented by me. Also I am taking a broader approach rather than limiting myself to Crowley's system]

The Three Supernals:

The Fool represents the first step into manifestation after the realm of Limitless Light. So it comes as no surprise that it has a meaning of chaos and innocence, about to step off the cliff into Material existence. Poor thing.
The ascending card, The World or Universe or what have you, means the Perfect Whole, the Completion of Experience, or "Life, The Universe, and Everything"!
A no-brainer finding these two cards here in Kether.

The Magus/Magician on the descending side, brings down the raw, "unprocessed" spiritual energy and brings it under control; diverting it into a usable, i.e. manipulatable form (the four elements).
Aeon/Judgement, on the ascending side, represents the final step in the transforming, or rather, transfiguration, of material energy back into the spiritual. The reverse of the magician's act.

On the descending side of Binah is The High Priestess. In Her womb develop all the various natural laws and substances; the organised energy from the Magician becomes formative. The point is though that it is done in secret; her womb is a dark and secret place. She is Persephone in Hades; unrevealed, dark and mysterious Her wonders to perform.
The Sun, on the ascending side, is the reverse of this; the Divine Law revealed in the brilliant light of day! Crowley shows the sun passing through the Zodiac - the Laws of Creation. The Sun-King, Child of the New Age, is born out of the dark and into Light. The card is the birth of the incarnated spirit from the womb of matter below the Abyss into the supernal worlds of the Divine. The return to Our Mother.

Further down the Tree, and on a different tack, the cards at Hod (Adjustment/Justice and Death) are easily related to this Sephirah because Mercury rules here. Mercury or Hermes is the psychopomp, conducting the souls of the dead to the underworld. Thoth is connected with the underworld as well but he is also responsible for the Balance in which the heart of the deceased is weighed. He is the divine regulative force and Maat, goddess of justice and truth, pictured on Adjustment, is closely associated with him.

Don't suppose I can get away with avoiding mentioning The Star.
In Daath we reach the point when the influence from the Supernals enters into the microcosm (Chesed to Yesod); the psyche.
I would expect to find a card representing that influence on the descending side while on the ascending some kind of reverse of this. Well, we have The Moon on the ascending side which represents a "drawing up" of what is below; the yods can be interpreted as rising to the moon not falling from it and the sun-rolling scarab is being attracted from out of the Lower Water (this card is much better realised in the RWS deck for these purposes, but I suppose the Thoth will have to do lol).
The reverse of this would be a card meaning a descent of energy into the Lower Waters. I leave you to to decide whether that applies to The Empress or The Star, or indeed to either. I may of course be fitting the meaning to support my own view. So I guess the question is, am I forcing a square peg into a round hole or does it slip in easily? And if it does fit, does it make sense?

Originally Posted by Dulcimer
Or, perhaps, like the Tower, you are invoking the Eye of God, and you set yourself up to be struck by lightening, so that your truth may spring free from the ruins?
Oh yes!
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