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Originally Posted by Shaymus
I'm sure this will show my ignorance (as I haven't used the Thoth for a while)...but hasn't the majors been assigned to the 'paths' between the sephira and not into the sephira themselves?
Yes you are quite right. The orthodox view is that the majors are assigned to the paths. This is due to the supposed (not everyone agrees) corollation with the Hebrew alphabet which have traditionally been associated with the paths.

The position in this thread is that the majors may equally be assigned to the Sephiroth. A little heretical perhaps, certainly theoretical. It is a side issue and doesn't mean that this theory replaces the path association.

The reason behind making the Thoth specific to this idea is that Crowley's designs seem to be drawn with the Sephirotic placement in mind. Although, I might add, the RWS also seems to have a certain correlation in it too.
Maybe it's a Golden Dawn thing.
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