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Yes, Loki can be outside forces. Usually that's where your ability to read comes into play.

(Edited for content (much much later)).

Usually, Loki is internal as opposed to external.

However, it is really the rune here.

If it is Hagalaz, it is external. Nauthiz would indicate internal.

However, here we come to the sticky wicket of reading runes. The other day I did a reading for a woman, the runes fell like this: Dagaz-Uruz-Perthro, with Berkano as Loki…and for the life of me I cannot remember the Odhinn stone.

Well, she had just found out that she is being ‘forced’ out of her job in a very not so subtle way (Dagaz-something hidden revealed, completion).

She has to steel herself to leave and find something new. For her this is difficult. She loves her job and what she does.

Opportunities await. Good opportunities, but if she does not use the inner-strength to jump on the wheel, she will fail.

Here is the kicker. Berkano as Loki. What is holding her back is her loyalty to her customers! Not her family, not the company, her customers!

If we look at a standard Merkstave interpretation of Berkano it reads: “As a merkstave Berkano represents family problems and or domestic troubles. Anxiety about someone close to you. Blurring of consciousness.”

So you have to move beyond book meanings. Back when they were inventing runes, the Norse/Teutonic peoples did not have jobs and customers!.

Remember we cannot take the Loki stone by itself. We have to read up - towards the laid out path of time - and see how it interacts!

Runes are about (mean and show) movement...Not static meanings.

This is why I always say, throw away the books.

Listen to that which speaks without a voice- from between the Runes.
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